Palm Beach Zoo Welcomes Queensland Koala Ellin
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Palm Beach Zoo Welcomes Queensland Koala Ellin

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is excited to welcome Ellin, a female Queensland koala, to the Zoo family. Ellin is two years old and was born at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio to mom Katy and dad Thoar. Her name means “wish” in indigenous Australian.

“Everyone adores Ellin! She is a remarkable animal that helps us invite guests to protect animals in the wild,” said Chief Animal & Conservation Officer Renee Bumpus.

Ellin made a first-class trip on a plane to Palm Beach International Airport in the fall, and after some time acclimatizing to the Zoo, she is now ready to see her public fans. She greets guests daily in the Zoo’s Islands of the World section.

“I am so excited to have Ellin in our animal family,” said zoologist Tabbitha Beckens. “She earned her ‘wings’ from the Southwest Airlines crew. They said the eucalyptus branches brought along for Ellin to snack on made the whole plane smell wonderful.”

Ellin joins the Zoo’s resident koala, Sydney, a four-year-old male born at Zoo Tampa. Once she is settled, she will also take part in Extraordinary Animal Experiences. These experiences allow guests to go behind the scenes with koalas and hear from the people who know them best, their zoologists.

Koalas are unique animals found only in the eucalyptus forests of Australia. They have adapted to eating only eucalyptus leaves, and their bodies can digest the leaves, which are poisonous to most other animals.

The threats to koalas are varied from deforestation to disease.

“Ellin helps us inform everyone that we can protect the homes of her wild koala counterparts with simple actions like choosing to purchase recycled content toilet paper. This reduces the need to harvest trees for paper products,” said Bumpus.

The Zoo team invites everyone to visit the Zoo and Ellin. Every visit to Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society helps save wildlife. 

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