Palm Beach Zoo Welcomes New Director of Animal Care
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Palm Beach Zoo Welcomes New Director of Animal Care

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – February 10, 2020 – Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society announced the hire of a new Director of Animal Care, Dr. Kathleen Woodie.  Dr. Woodie will lead the veterinary team and all animal care and wellness efforts at the Zoo.

“We are thrilled to add Dr. Woodie to our team of animal care professionals,” said Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society President/CEO Margo McKnight. “We pride ourselves on groundbreaking animal care and wellness at Palm Beach Zoo, and Dr. Woodie’s vast and varied experience make her the perfect fit to lead our team.”

Dr. Woodie’s career as a veterinarian has taken her from school at University of Illinois, to Ohio, Washington, Alaska and even Hong Kong.  Most recently, she spent six years as the clinical veterinarian for the Alaska Sealife Center where she was responsible for the care of the Center’s pinnipeds, marine birds, fish and invertebrates.

In Hong Kong, Dr. Woodie worked with a four-doctor collaborative international team. She worked with endangered animals from numerous countries including China’s giant pandas and sturgeon, Indo-Pacific bottle nosed dolphin, golden monkeys and koalas.

“Palm Beach Zoo is poised to do pioneering work in conservation and endangered species survival,” said Dr. Woodie. “I am happy to join an expert team of vets and zoologists all working towards the best in animal care.”

Palm Beach Zoo has various breeding plans in accordance with the AZA’s Species Survival Plan® program, including Malayan tigers, jaguars and koalas. Dr. Woodie’s experience with endangered species reproduction including red wolves, giant pandas and clouded leopards will prove invaluable in the Zoo’s new efforts.

“It is crucial that we continue the important genetic lineage of the species in our care through reproduction,” said Dr. Woodie. “It is exciting to be pioneering new reproduction techniques at Palm Beach Zoo.”

Dr. Woodie recently relocated to Florida with her husband and two children.  

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