Palm Beach Zoo Animals Receive Generous Donation of Produce from Local Palm Beach County Farmers
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Palm Beach Zoo Animals Receive Generous Donation of Produce from Local Palm Beach County Farmers

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society gratefully received donations of locally grown produce for feeding its animal residents from First Produce distributors of Pompano Beach, Pero Family Farms of Delray Beach and from farmers in western Palm Beach County’s Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA), organized by Zoo partner Florida Crystals Corporation, to the delight of the zoologists who care for the animals.  

Zoologists report that Doris the capybara has a sweet tooth when it comes to corn, and the squirrel monkeys go wild for romaine lettuce! 

"The donated produce allows us to use our resources on other needed supplies for our animals’ health and wellness,” said Margo McKnight, president & CEO of Palm Beach Zoo. “I want to sincerely thank the following farms for their important donations to our Zoo: Fresh Point, Pero Family Farms, Pioneer Growers Co-op, TKM Bengard Farms, Roth Farms, Ray’s Heritage, RC Hatton and NK Lago Farms."  

Palm Beach Zoo’s van made pickups from Belle Glade to Pompano Beach including crates full of sweet corn, lettuce, kale and green beans.   

"I recently toured the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) with my Leadership Palm Beach County class of 2020 and saw firsthand how many hard-working people it takes to put local vegetables on all of our tables,” said McKnight. “I am humbled by their generosity during our temporary closure due to COVID-19.”  

The Zoo’s commissary team will use every ounce of produce for the animals’ daily diets and some special treats as well. If there is excess produce, the staff will freeze it for future use.  

“Locally grown foods from the EAA have fed our community through good times and bad,” said Caroline Villanueva, Florida Crystals’ South Florida external and community affairs manager. “EAA farmers have been donating fresh produce to children and families during this crisis and, as longtime supporters of the Zoo and its conservation efforts, we are pleased to be able to facilitate a supply of fresh produce to feed the animals.” 

Palm Beach Zoo thanks the farmers, EAA and the entire community for the outpouring of support, and the nonprofit organization looks forward to welcoming back visitors in the near future.   

Video of squirrel monkeys enjoying the romain lettuce donation. Click Here

Thank you all who donated:



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