Perfect Day at the Zoo
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Perfect Day at the Zoo

 Tips for a Perfect Day at the Zoo

Whether you are a local enjoying a little staycation, or you are visiting from far and wide, here are some tips straight from our zoologists and staff for turning your trip to the zoo into the perfect day!

Find the Perfect Ticket

Make sure to buy your tickets on our website so you can find the ideal option for you! Visit to explore our different ticket and membership options.

You can also go to to learn about our military discount, as well as the Dual Discovery Pass which gives you a day of general admission to both the Palm Beach Zoo and the South Florida Science Center & Aquarium.

Before you Leave

Here are some things to remember to pack before you leave for the Zoo:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses: almost all of your time at the Zoo will be spent outdoors, so don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses to make sure you feel comfortable all day long!
  • Bathing suit and towel: the Zoo’s Fountain Plaza Splash Pad is one of the best-loved attractions in South Florida and it is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. There is plenty of seating for those who want to relax and watch their children frolic in the refreshing water jets.

Travel the World, Starting in your own Backyard

Florida Wetlands

  • Start your journey right here in Florida and discover some of our state’s amazing wildlife
  • Make sure to spend some time watching the Flamingos
  • Zoologist Tip: Flamingos eat with their heads inverted as they vibrate their beaks to separate food from the water
  • Say hi to Mardi the leucistic alligator in his very own habitat

  • Take a break at our nature play pavilion
  • Around a few shaded twists and turns, you will greet our two black bear brothers, Lewis and Clark
  • Get an up-close look at Sassy, a native Florida panther
  • Zoologist Tip: Sassy likes to hang out on her catwalk. Be sure to look up.   


Tropics of the Americas

  • Continue into the tropics across the Cenote bridge
  • See if you can find Doris the capybara
  • Zoologist Tip: she is usually on the shore in the morning, and make sure you check the water on both sides of the bridge. Capybaras love to swim.
  • Walk a little farther and you will see our macaws
  • Staff Tip: this is a great selfie spot.

Next, take a seat and spend some time in the Mayan Plaza with the jaguar and the squirrel monkeys     

  • Cross over our authentic suspension bridge while checking out the tapirs and giant anteaters
  • Zoologist Tip: you will notice lots of fish and turtles in the water under you; these are naturally occurring, and they are part of the Florida ecosystem
  • Search for our ocelot 
  • Zoologist Tip: if you don’t spot Iggy, look at the shutters on their nighthouse. Sometimes you will see them looking silly and hanging from them.
  • One of our favorite spots are the monkey islands that are home to the capuchin and spider monkeys-Take some time to enjoy their aerial antics!

  • Do you know what an axolotl is? See if you can find out more in the cave.

Gift Shop and Food Services

  • Next up, the gift shop! This is the larger of the 2 gift shops in the Zoo with tons of choices to commemorate your visit.
  • Staff Tip: the shop offers lots of unique, Fair Trade products that support villages all over the world!
  • Time for lunch! Tucked away on the shore of Baker Lake, Tropics Café offers full-service dining.
  • You can now order your food using our new mobile site and pick it up at the café window.
  • Staff Tip: cheese fires and slushies are always a fan favorite, and for the adults, there are spirited drinks and local craft beers available.

Fountain Plaza Splash Pad

  • Come cool off at our splash pad before your next adventure.

  • Staff Tip: We have a changing hut.
  • Plays some tropical music while running through our burst of water
  • You can also purchase some frozen lemonade and Dip n Dots


  • See our Aldabra tortoises, they are very photogenic!

  • Just across from the tortoises see our howler monkeys and their new baby Tia 
  • Go over to Tiger River Falls and see our Malayan tiger cubs they just turned one and are getting bigger by the minute. They will not be little for long.

  • Zoologist Tip: Later in the day the cubs practice their ‘tiger training’ by playing tag and hide and seek with mom Api.
  • As you cross over to the Islands don't forget to see our rhinoceros hornbill

The Islands

  • See our sloth Dustin  
  • Come meet our newest member of the zoo Sydney the Koala! 

  • Across the way on Siamang Island come meet new baby Lou Lou and older brother King Louie

  • Zoologist Tip: Siamangs are the most active in the mornings!
  • Say hello to our birds at Lorikeet Loft
  • Before you go don't forget to say goodbye to our golden lion tamarins
  • Lastly stop at our gift shop!  Stock up on some goodies before you go.

Love the zoo and don’t want the fun to end? Well at the end of your day, stop by our ticketing booth and ask about how your admission for today can count towards an annual membership with the zoo! By being members you and your family can visit as many times as you would like for an entire year*.  For more information go to 

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