Zoo News - April 2021
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Zoo News

Palm Beach Zoo Honors the Life of Oldest Sloth

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society celebrates the life of Tootsie, a 46-year-old Hoffman’s two-toed sloth, who passed away due to natural causes.   She was surrendered to Lincoln Park Zoo in 1976 by a private citizen making her the oldest sloth currently in managed care. Her longevity is due to the exceptional nutrition and veterinary care she received over her lifetime. The median life expectancy in the wild for a sloth is 15 years and Tootsie far surpassed this milest... Read More

Koalafied Cuteness! Palm Beach Zoo Announces Exciting Animal Addition

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – April 14, 2021 - What has short greyish fur, a boopable nose and the cutest ears you have ever seen? The answer is the latest addition to Palm Beach Zoo’s animal family. Sydney, aptly named after the largest city in Australia, is a two-year-old Queensland koala who has made his way to his new home in West Palm Beach! Sydney is a special new addition, as he is the nephew of both former Zoo koala residents, Oz and Katherine. Sydney was born at Z... Read More