Zoo Inspires Carpool, Commuter Challenge

Zoo President & CEO, Andrew Aiken, shown here biking to work, was instrumental in creating a strong emphasis on conservation initiatives here at our Zoo.

Make your commute count. Palm Beach Zoo employees are leading by example, inspiring others to carpool and help save wildlife.

Kids Who Care, in the Fort-Worth, Texas area has announced it is launching a commuter challenge. The non-profit musical and education theatre group says it was inspired to take action, after learning about the Zoo’s Carbon Fuel Reduction Initiative (CFRI).

“There is very little commuter traffic in Fort Worth,” said theater public relations representative, Kristen Thiebaud. “After learning about the difference the Zoo was making in Palm Beach County, we decided to create an impact in our area by starting our commuter challenge.”

Zoo employees are encouraged to carpool or find alternative ways of transportation to reduce the Zoo's overall carbon footprint and save greenhouse gas emissions.

“Since February 2014, Zoo staff has saved 37,516 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere, which is about the same amount of carbon dioxide that 13 people would use in a commute for an entire year,” said Cassie Klein, the Zoo’s CFRI program coordinator and Lead Education Specialist. Klein and Kids Who Care will meet during an upcoming Skype session.

“It is humbling to know that we have inspired another organization to make a conscious decision to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world,” said Klein.

CFRI encourages all Zoo staff to carpool at least once a month. Employees are divided into nine teams that compete each month for the highest number of carpools. The winning team and runners-up are given an award at our annual employee party.

“Our CFRI program is just one of the many ways we work as a team to protect natural habitats here at the Palm Beach Zoo,” explains Klein. “We have to lead by example. If we can save 100 gallons of fuel per month, that’s approximately one ton of carbon that we didn’t emit into the atmosphere - which is good for wildlife.”

To encourage participation and accountability, the Zoo created a private Facebook page for employees to post their actions. We don’t need everybody to do a conservation act every single day, although that would be ideal. We simply encourage employees to take at least one fuel reduction action per month. It only takes a little effort from everyone to get a lot accomplished – together we can make a world of difference.

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