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Rainy Day Discount

Rainy Day To Do List at the Zoo!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the 50% off Rainy Day Discount!  Coupons are posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, so follow us on social media to stay up to date on the latest discounts. Grab your umbrella and have fun finding all the locations below on the Zoo Map! 

Zoo Map

Florida Pioneer House

The Florida Pioneer House captures a great deal of history, as it is modeled after an elongated single-pen house much like ones the early pioneers would have lived in.  Many years ago, Florida was an inhospitable environment full of hazards such as swamps, snakes, and mosquitos.  The early pioneers had to create homes to protect themselves from these hazards, and sometimes they even lived among bears, panthers, and alligators.  If you visit the Pioneer House at the Zoo now, you will be able to experience a little bit of how the pioneers lived, and even observe the Florida panther and other common Florida wildlife from the protection of the Pioneer House.

Amazon Marketplace & Wild Things Gift Shop

If you are looking for a new umbrella during your rainy day Zoo adventures, the Amazon Marketplace or the Wild Things Shop are the perfect places to stay dry as you decide which animal shape is your favorite!  Both gift shops are also filled with unique animal-themed toys, clothing, books, and more.  Exploring all of the “zoo-venirs” that we offer will give you plenty of time to dry off or cool off during your visit!

Tropics Café & Deck Overlooking Baker Lake

The Tropics Café offers the perfect place to sit and relax indoors while enjoying a full-service dining experience.  The Amazon Basin theme fits in perfectly with the rest of your Zoo experience!  If you’re looking for a lighter snack, then the Tropics concession right outside on the covered patio is the place to be.  Enjoy cold drinks, ice-cream treats, hot dogs and more! The fully-covered seating deck provides beautiful scenery as you overlook Baker Lake.

Black Bears 

The North American black bear brothers at the Zoo appear very black, but in other parts of the country, black bears can appear brown and even whitish grey!  Black bears have a keen sense of smell and often stand on their hind legs to sniff the air in order to detect food or danger.  Lewis and Clark are also good swimmers and enjoy wading in the water. You can watch their playful antics from the protection of a covered exhibit.

Koala Forest

Our adorable Queensland koala, Oz, is specialized for living in the trees, where you will normally find him hanging out and snoozing during the day.  Koalas are nocturnal, which means most of their day is spent sleeping. You can watch Oz move around, or observe him sleeping during rain showers from underneath an overhang.


Inside of this dark cave, you will find a couple of unique animals that you may have never heard of before.  These animals make their homes in dark, cave-like environments.  You will see an axolotl, which is a type of salamander characterized by the presence of larval features throughout the whole lifetime.  You can also see blind cave fish, which live in very dark places since they have no eyes and rely on vibrations and smell. 

Tulé Tree

The Tulé Tree in the Harriet W. & George D. Cornell Tropics of the Americas section of the Zoo allows you to walk through a Montezuma cypress tree.  It provides a covered area to view the jaguars while replicating one of the widest trees in the world located in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The original tree is between 2,500-3,000 years old and reaches 135’ high and 139’ wide!

Asian Aviary

The Marilyn and Donald Beuttenmuller Asian Aviary provide a place for you to observe birds close up and watch as the birds create nests!  Under the covered roof, you can even find and identify many different types of birds by looking at pictures on the signs. 

Wildlife Carousel

Jump out of the rain and onto your favorite animal for a ride around the Wildlife Carousel, located in our Conservation Station!  The Carousel runs every day from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can ride one time for $3 or double the fun for $5.

Mardi, White American Alligator

Party with Mardi, the Zoo’s white American Alligator!  Mardi is just like the other American alligators, but a genetic mutation called leucism makes him very unique.  He has white skin and blue eyes, and he has to remain under a shade to protect his delicate skin. That shade will keep you dry during rain showers!

Mayan Hut

The ancient Mayans were great builders and agriculturists. They built most of their buildings without tools, just with water, rock, and sand! The Mayan hut displays a thatched hut much like the homes of many Mayans.

Malayan Tiger

The Malayan tiger exhibit provides partial covering to help keep you dry as you observe the tigers.