Rainy Day Discount

Check out our Rainy Day Discount Promo! Did you know that when it's wet and rainy a lot of our animals are at their most active? Here's your chance to see them in action enjoying the Florida sunshine – even when it's liquid!

Keep an eye out on those "rainy" day coupons for a 50% discount off of any regular price ticket that can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages when active!

Make sure to "like" and "follow" us to stay up to date on all Palm Beach Zoo promotions! Once it is determined that a "rainy day" is occurring, a date-specific coupon will be posted on the Zoo's Facebook and Twitter for your use upon arrival to the Zoo!

Check out our RAINY DAY TO DO LIST before heading over to the Zoo on those not so sunny days!


*Please note that either the promo must be referenced verbally or presented on your phone at the time of entry to receive the discount. Printing of the coupon is not required to receive the offer.



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