Panamanian Jaguar
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Panamanian Jaguar


Panamanian Jaguar Fiona


In the mid-1800s, jaguars extended from southern Brazil to Arizona's Grand Canyon. Today we
are at risk of losing these endangered cats in the wild forever.

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is home to one of the most genetically valuable jaguars
within the zoo population – Fiona.


Only a few days old, Fiona was found clinging to life after poachers killed her mother. She suffered from serious wounds inflicted by hunting dogs. The APPC (Asociacion Panamericana Para la Conservacion) saved Fiona and hand-raised her at the Wildlife Care Center in Gamboa. Because she was raised by humans, she was unable to re-released into the wild. 

The US and Panamanian wildlife government agencies agreed that Fiona should be strategically relocated to the Palm Beach Zoo. After a two years and the dedication of the Panamanian team, a healthy Fiona made her debut at the Palm Beach Zoo on May 27, 2017.

Important Genetics

Diverse and robust genetics are necessary for the health of any wild animal population. This is also true in Zoos. Since Fiona was born in the wild, she brings important new genes to the jaguar population.

It is now the role of the Palm Beach Zoo to ensure that Fiona has the opportunity to have offspring and continue her important lineage. 

Donate to APPC

The APPC rescues and cares for sick, injured and orphaned animals in Panama. They promote environmental awareness and teach the community about the importance of protecting wildlife. 

Every dollar donated goes to buy food, vetinary supplies and building materials needed to house rescued animals. 



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