On Site Programs
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On Site Programs

On-Site Programs

Native Wildlife Rehabilitation Program

The Palm Beach Zoo strives to assist all incapacitated native animals through an active role in native wildlife rehabilitation. By caring for both injured and orphaned animals, the Palm Beach Zoo serves as a depot for the public to deliver injured native wildlife, as well as a resource for local rehabilitators as a site for "soft" release of rehabilitated animals.

Nutritional Studies in Multiple Species

As part of our ongoing wellness program at the Palm Beach Zoo, we are helping to establish databases on nutritional values for a variety of species and assessing the impact of diet on health.

This work is a key project of the new Center for Conservation Medicine, housed within the Melvin J. and Claire Levine Animal Care Complex.

Avian Influenza Testing & Surveillance

With the extensive collection of rare waterfowl and other birds at the Palm Beach Zoo, disease monitoring is crucial. In a study that has been initiated with the Southeastern Disease Cooperative at the University of Georgia, and supported by Iddex, blood samples from our birds will be used to help evaluate new diagnostic tests for detection of avian influenza, which has been considered an important emerging disease due to the ability of these viruses to be transmitted among other domestic and wild animals, as well as humans.

Goeldi's Monkey Contraception Study

The Palm Beach Zoo is currently taking part in a study examining the effectiveness of contraceptive implants in Goeldi's monkey females in conjunction with Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Contraception Center located in St. Louis, Missouri. Previous birth control methods used with this species caused permanent sterility in females. This study is therefore an important investigation as finding reliable temporary methods of controlling reproduction in captive animals is critical.


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