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Middle High School

Middle and High School Classes 

Bring your middle and high-school students to the wildest classroom in town! The Palm Beach Zoo offers a variety of upper-level programs to spark students’ excitement about biology, environmental studies, career options, and other topics.

Programs include:

Veterinary Lab: Bring your students to a working laboratory in the Zoo’s animal hospital for a unique, hands-on experience.  In this program, students will discover how the Zoo’s veterinary team diagnoses animal illnesses by examining blood samples and other lab results.  SC.912.L.14.3, SC.912.L.14.6, SC.912.L.14.34, SC.912.L.14.52, SC.912.L.17.6

Animal Hospital Tour:  Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Melvin J. and Claire Levine Animal Care Complex.  Students will visit many aspects of our animal hospital, which might include our treatment room, radiology, laboratory, necropsy room, and recovery rooms.  SC.912.L.17.8, SC.912.L.17.15, SC.912.L.17.17, SC.912.L.17.20

Zoo Classes:  Classes highlight a topic of your choice and include 3-4 live animal ambassadors. Available topics include adaptations, evolution, wildlife conservation, climate change, and wildlife careers. Students may have the opportunity to touch at least one animal.  Florida Standards vary based on grade level and topic selected.

Please see our Education Program Guide or visit the following links for information regarding:


Classes and Guided Tours 

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