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Marine Mammal Stranding Response

Marine Mammal Stranding Response

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is uniquely equipped to assist in marine mammal stranding response in Palm Beach County.  The Melvin J. and Claire Levine Animal Care Complex (ACC) was designed to include a spacious room for the unfortunate but very necessary examination of deceased animals.  Known as a necropsy, the procedure is vital to understanding the potential cause of death of the animal.  A new partnership has been formed with the Palm Beach County Marine Mammal Stranding Network to provide this space to marine mammologists in event of a local dolphin, manatee or small whale stranding.

Here at the ACC, scientists can perform their evaluation and collect samples from relatively large animals at a centrally-located indoor lab.  Though relatively rare, marine mammal strandings are logistically challenging, and the Zoo is pleased to provide space for this vital need. 

Photo credits (L-R): Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press,, Barney Moss/Watching Whales

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