Lorikeet Loft
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Lorikeet Loft

Family holding lorikeets


Enter the domain of the wild lorikeets!

Purchase a small cup of nectar* and marvel as they land on your hand, arm, shoulder and even your head to get a drink of that sweet nectar. Lorikeet Loft is an enclosed aviary and home to dozens of happy lorikeets.

Lorikeets are some of the most colorful members of the parrot family. They are native to the islands of the South Pacific and Australia. Their favorite treats include flowers, pollen and nectar. Their beak and agile, four-toed feet make it easy for them to hang upside down and access the hardest to reach flowers. 

Lorikeet Feeding

Single cups of nectar are $2.00 and three cups are $5.00. Nectar can be purchased at the Lorikeet Loft aviary. 

*Nectar will be sold when lorikeets are actively feeding. Check with the attendants at the habitat to see if nectar is available.