Get Ready for Grizzlies at the Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is playing host to two orphaned grizzly bear cubs this winter! 

When their elderly mother began raiding homes and offices, officials found the two female cubs extremely thin and malnourished near Yellowstone Park. Unable to survive without their now deceased mother, accredited zoos in the US stepped up to help. A zoo in South Dakota has agreed to adopt the cubs – as long as another zoo can provide temporary housing while construction on their exhibit is completed. As a result, the cubs will ‘vacation’ at the Palm Beach Zoo through the winter and into the coming months. 

Don't miss your chance to see them as they are the only grizzlies currently residing in South Florida at an AZA Accredited Facility.

The grizzly cub sisters are now on exhibit daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day - stay tuned for the latest details as they become available!

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