FAQ: Animal Safety & Hurricane Matthew

In order to safely ride out the storm, Palm Beach Zoo will be closed through at least Friday, October 7, 2016.  We have been monitoring this system since last week and we have also been conducting hurricane meetings with our senior staff twice a day.

From the welfare of our animals to requests to volunteer many of you are reaching out with questions. We put together this list of FAQs to address your concerns.

What measures are we taking to protect wildlife?

All of our animals, big and small, are being moved into hurricane shelters throughout the zoo. Our hurricane shelter areas include the Animal Care Center (this is the biggest shelter we have), the quarantine pads, and each of the Class I buildings also double as hurricane shelters. 

Are there storm shutters on zoo grounds?

Yes. There are hurricane shutters and hurricane-proof glass in many areas of our 23-acre campus. In addition, we are boarding up windows and any areas of concern.

Is anyone remaining on zoo grounds during the storm?

Yes. We have six people on our Ride-Out team, which includes veterinary and keeper staff. The 'Ride-Out' crew will remain on our campus throughout the storm in a hurricane shelter. They are assigned multiple duties and ensure that generators are fully operational and oversee the welfare of animals. Our Ride-Out team also performs the first safety checks of zoo grounds post-storm and assesses any damage.

How much food is stored on zoo grounds? 

We have about ten days worth of food on grounds right now. For the big cats (tigers, panthers, jaguars) we have almost a month’s worth and deliveries are scheduled.

Are you in need of any volunteers?

Lots of people have been contacting us to volunteer and we are grateful. We anticipate the potential need for volunteers post-storm. This coordination will take place once we are able to assess any damage. If applicable, information about volunteering will be provided on this page and across our social media platforms.


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