Everglades Center
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Everglades Center

Brown eyes lock into green eyes, and for moments, neither creature can look away. A bird alights, breaking the spell and releasing the young girl from her first encounter with a Florida panther: a connection she will never forget.

We invite wild Florida inside at the new Candace S. & William H. Hamm III Everglades Conservation Center (Everglades Center). With panthers in the attic and otters in the living room, you will have opportunities to get closer than ever to wildlife. As a result, you will feel  empowered to act on wildlife’s behalf, and you’ll learn how living in harmony with Florida’s wild animals is the key to a healthy ecosystem and planet.

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Experience Florida wildlife in a new way at Palm Beach Zoo’s Everglades Conservation Center. Seamlessly woven into the heart of the Zoo’s Florida Wetlands section, the Everglades Center is located inside a beautiful rustic cabin. The beauty and hope for wild Florida’s conservation action comes to life beginning with the breathtaking appearance of the rarely seen and endangered Florida panther. From inside the spacious cabin, you can spot Sassy, a panther rescued from the wild, and her companions, enjoying their home from all angles – sharing the porch shade alongside the lagoon, peering into the cabin’s windows and occasionally roaming through specially designed animal chutes inside. The ease of travel between places is a metaphor for the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a series of present and future connected wildlands that help their species move safely throughout their environment.

At the Everglades Center, you “travel” to the Everglades and beyond through video highlights that share Zoo’s Florida wildlife-saving stories in the field. You’ll learn how the Zoo’s team and its partners dive into the ocean to help preserve coral reefs along the Palm Beach coast, look to the skies to save swallow-tailed kites and put boots on the ground to protect panthers and other native species.


Every visit to Palm Beach Zoo saves wildlife and it supports our conservation efforts. By spreading awareness of the animals living right here in our home state, we hope to inspire all to take action for wildlife. The Zoo’s critical conservation efforts help save many species across the globe and panthers, otters, black bears, swallow-tailed kites and corals living on reefs along the coast here in Florida.
The Everglades Center is wildlife-saving and conservation in motion. Explore how our conservation efforts generate much-needed field data and working with partner wildlife organizations and agencies, the Palm Beach Zoo team informs protection efforts to help native Florida animal populations connect, increase, and one day thrive again. Conservation action is irresistible as you learn about today’s successes, like Florida panther and swallow-tailed kite population increases and winning solutions to save Florida’s endangered and threatened species – from local coral health assessment surveys to the recently signed Florida Wildlife Corridor Act.

Without our help, Sassy (our resident Florida panther) would not be here today. 
Her story is a tribute to why the work we do for conservation is so important.