Edge Fellowship Program
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Edge Fellowship Program

EDGE Fellowship Program

The EDGE of Existence Program aims to conserve species that are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, by building up early career conservationists in the region that those species occur. Conservationists that are accepted into the fellowship are provided with the necessary tools and mentorship to conserve the species that they are focusing on. Fellows are provided with two years of funding as well as a four week conservation tools course which focuses on the skills that are needed to be successful with their projects. Since 2007, the EDGE fellowship has supported 58 fellows, across 33 countries, focusing on 54 different EDGE species.

Palm Beach Zoo currently provides funding for individual fellows in the EDGE program. In December of 2016, the zoo sent a keeper to participate in the conservation tools course which was being held in Madagascar. During this course the keeper got the opportunity to meet the fellows and participate in the training that they experience.  

Edge Program Fellow

One fellow that is supported by the Palm Beach Zoo is Micaela Camino. Micaela has been providing conservation efforts to ensure the long-term persistence of the Chacoan Peccary in the Chaco region of Argentina. Chacoan Peccary populations are fragmented and classified as endangered by the IUCN. The objectives of Micaela's project are to establish an efficient monitoring system, inform on the relative abundance of the species, increase awareness for this species, develop a Communication, Education and Awareness program (CEPA) and evaluate its effectiveness, and implement finding in conservation, policy development.