Call of the Wild
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Call of the Wild

Answer the Call of the Wild!

Video Conference with a Koala, or Flamingo, or Sloth...

Yes, you can invite a koala to your next virtual meeting by simply answering the Call of the Wild. Palm Beach Zoo’s Call of the Wild program is a new way to enliven your multi-person meetings, connect with nature and create a lasting memory with your team. Surprise your virtual meeting participants with an unexpected visit by a koala, sloth, flamingo or other Zoo celebrity animal.

The Zoo worked with its strategic partner Palm Beach Tech to create these 10-minute Animal Cameo and 20-minute Wild Webinar offerings.


A Call of the Wild is more than a way to bring joy to your team. Your connection with wildlife supports Palm Beach Zoo and its animal residents during this unprecedented time. Caring never closes! Your Call of the Wild helps save wildlife in wild places here at the Zoo and across the planet.   

Animals Available to Virtually Take Over your Meeting

  • Zoologist Choice - Let our animal expert pick the perfect and most interactive animal for you based on the time of the meeting. 
  • Koala
  • Sloth
  • Giant Aldabra tortoise
  • Baby Alligator
  • Flamingo


  • $150 for 10-minute Animal Cameo
    • A Zoo celebrity animal will pop-by your meeting 
  • $350 for 20-minute Wild Webinar
    • Interactive experience with Palm Beach Zoo Animal Curator Mike Terrell
    • Insight into animal, their habitat and personality
    • Includes 5-minute Q&A with your team

The Unpredictable

As an accredited Zoological organization, we put the health and well being of our animals first. If the chosen animal is camera shy at the moment, we will be sure to substitute another exceptional animal. If we experience technical difficulties, extreme weather events or other unforeseen circumstances, we will reschedule the meeting at your convenience. 

How It Works:

  1. Select experience, either 10-minute Animal Cameo or 20-minute Wild Webinar
  2. Choose an available date and time from the calendar below.
  3. Select animal - As a Zoo our first priority is the animals. Most of the time our animals love meeting new people, however it is their choice to do so. We will substitute another amazing animal if the animal of your choice is unavailable. 
  4. Make sure you have your Zoom, GoToMeeting or virtual meeting link available to add to the reservation. A meeting is not considered fully booked if the link is not present.
  5. Make sure you fill out Contact Person and Contact Phone fields as well as if you are celebrating anything special. 
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.

If you have questions, please email: