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Activities Page

Malayan Tigers

Take a Quiz to match wits with our tiger experts.

Tiger Baby Shower

Expectant father Kadar opens gifts. Thank you to all who donated. 

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Additional Tiger Activities: 

Swallow-tailed Kites

Learn about these important raptors


Learn about these amazing primates

Queensland Koalas

A unique species from down under

Meet Relish the Tawny frogmouth!

Tawny Frogmouth Activity Sheet      Tawny Frogmouth Quiz

Meet Tarasca the Tegu!


Tegu Word Search      Tegu Quiz Quiz

Meet Matz the Macaw!


Color a Macaw      

Meet Priscilla the African crested porcupine!

Porcupine Quiz


Meet Mambo the Hedgehog!

Hedgehog Quiz


Flamingo Talk!

Flamingo Quiz


Just For Fun!

Sydney Meets Zooka the Jaguar!


Sydney Maze Activity      

Flamingo Friday!
Armadillo Fun!
The Proof is in the Produce!
Guess the Beak!

Activity Sheet

Satu Returns!
Guess the Snoot!
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Breakfast with Daryl!
Guess the Snoot!
Visit the South Florida Science Center & Aquarium with Priscilla!
Xs and Otters
Alligator Enrichment
Sydney Day Out!

Sydney Maze Activity      

Animal Coloring Pages: 

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