Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Mourns Loss of Male Siamang, Hujan

It is with great sadness the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society announces the loss of our male siamang, Hujan.

On Sunday our medical staff became aware that Hujan had developed a rapid onset medical issue causing loss of the use of his legs.  He was immediately taken to the Melvin J and Claire Levine Animal Health Center for a complete exam and treatment. His health was declining due to a terminal medical condition. Hujan lost his battle with his condition, passing away Tuesday morning.

“This condition creates a severe loss of blood flow to the legs and muscle deterioration, always resulting in death.While our esteemed medical staff worked at length to keep Hujan’s condition at bay, the rapid onset and decline was too much to overcome,” said General Curator Jan Steele.

Hujan arrived at Palm Beach Zoo by way of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York in 2005. He was just five years old at the time. He and his mate Bagus have been celebrated through the years, by hundreds of thousands of visitors who have shared countless memories. 

“Bagus is understandably lonely and going through a grieving process similar to humans. Rest assured in the coming weeks, keepers will be spending a lot more quality time with her and giving her special enrichments,” Steele said.

Our hearts are heavy and overcome with grief at the loss of a Zoo family member; however, we are grateful to our Zoo family and conservation partners for your support during this difficult time. 

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