Gwen Lovett, Spider Monkey Studbook Keeper Receives Award

Gwen Lovett, one of our longest serving employees got a wonderful surprise on Monday morning...she was named the Most Determined, Dedicated and Devoted Studbook Keeper through the Association of Zoo's & Aquariums' Population Management Center (PMC) at the Lincoln Park Zoo! 

Studbook Keepers, Species Survial Plan (SSP) Coordinators, & Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) Chairs volunteer their time for the good of the populations in our care.  Each year those who have worked with the PMC and stood out for their efforts in making the PMC’s jobs easier are recognized for their hardwork.

So we would like to add our special congratulations to the.... 

Most Determined, Dedicated, and Devoted Studbook Keeper

Gwen Lovett, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

Studbook Keeper, Spider Monkey SSP



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