Tiger Conservation in the Endau-Rompin Landscape

One of our major conservation partners, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has been active in tiger conservation efforts in Malaysia for the past six years, advancing our understanding of the status of tigers and their prey in the country, stabilizing protected areas, and significantly increasing protection for tigers on-the-ground.

In the last year they have identified 8 new tigers in the Endau-Rompin Landscape (ERL); strengthened the level of protection in ERL; catalyzed the development of a major new law enforcement effort called Special Response Unit (SRU) – a covert team whose main responsibility is to quickly respond to the threats to tigers identified by WCS.

SRU destroyed 73 snares from June 2013 to February 2014, while proving to be a useful intelligence-gathering unit; and showed empirical evidence of the severity of encroachment by Indo-Chinese. This led to the formation of a task force and anti-poaching enforcement responses involving the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and the associated government agencies.  

The Palm Beach Zoo currently provides funding for this important work and in return sends staff to the field to participate in conservation activities mainly centered around the GPS tracking of tigers. For more information on this project, please visit WCS online.

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