Palm Beach Zoo Brightens Day for Children at ARC


Palm Beach Zoo educators are taking zoo animals “on the road” in the Ed Morse ZooMobile and heading to The Arc of Palm Beach County to brighten the day for local children with developmental disabilities.

“The enrichment that our students will receive from the ZooMobile is possibly even more essential for them than it is for other students, because the difficulties involved in transporting these children make family zoo visits very challenging,” explained Dr. Tiffany North, Director of Children and Family Services at The Arc of Palm Beach County.

By bringing animals like a two-toed sloth, giant gecko, and hedgehog, the Palm Beach Zoo hopes to give these children a unique and lasting connection to not only the Zoo’s collection, but to animals in the wild. On Thursday, April 25 at 10 a.m., the children from The Arc of Palm Beach County’s Potentials Charter School will have the opportunity to learn about some of the zoo’s creatures and even engage in sensory learning by petting different types of animals while taking part in Animal Adventures, one of the Zoo’s many outreach programs.

This outreach is made possible through a new partnership between the Palm Beach Zoo and The Arc of Palm Beach County. 

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