Palm Beach Zoo In Need of Enrichment Gifts for Animals

Just like you give your pets at home treats and toys during the holidays, your animal friends at the Palm Beach Zoo are also in need of those gifts. If you donate an item this holiday season, you’ll receive discounted admission to come back to the Zoo and watch the animals open their presents.

The animals enjoy basic items you may already have in your house – stuffed animals, bath towels, cardboard boxes, brown paper bags, PVC piping, large water cooler bottles, spices, and perfumes/colognes to name a few.

If you drop off an item at the Christmas tree outside the Zoo’s admission gate on December 15 or 16, you’ll receive a discount offer to use either that weekend or come back the following weekend on December 22 or 23 to watch the grateful recipients tear into their gifts in our Presents for the Animals event. A schedule of gift openings is listed below.

The Zoo provides enrichment for our animals and the need for items continues throughout the year. Animals in the wild spend most of their active hours searching for food or trying not to become food themselves. Since zoo animals don’t have these stresses, the Palm Beach Zoo as well as other Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited zoos have developed behavioral “enrichment” programs to keep our animals active and stimulated by their environments.

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