“Winter” Animals Featured in NEW Holiday Show at Palm Beach Zoo

Hedgehog, dingos and great horned owl… three animals you don’t usually see on exhibit at the Palm Beach Zoo will be the featured stars in a new holiday show. You’re invited to get up close and personal with them December 22 through January 1.

“Wild Winter Wonders” will focus on cold-adapted animals, those who hibernate and migrate including a hedgehog, duck, Burmese tortoise, great horned owl, and black and white tegu. Zoo keepers will talk about how they prepare for their “holiday season”. You’ll learn where and how the animals live during the cold winter months.

The regulars of our Wild Things Show – Jade the Ocelot and red-fronted macaws, Zallie and Ku – will show you how to give back to the environment by recycling and conserving habitats.

After the show, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase animal print ornaments to remember your special visit to the Zoo during the holiday season.

“Wild Winter Wonders” will run December 22 through January 1. Times are Monday through Friday at 1 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday at 12 p.m. at the Wildlife Theatre.

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