Newly Revamped Volunteer Program Adds 35 Members in December

Palm Beach Zoo is well on its way to DOUBLING its current number of volunteers with the addition of 35 new members this month.

With the recent hiring of Volunteer Manager, Joseph Landmichl, the Volunteer program has been revamped to appeal to people of all interests and accommodate all types of schedules. Because of this flexibility, the Zoo attracted dozens of prospective volunteers and this month, welcomed 35 new members. They completed the orientation program this weekend, and can now officially volunteer in the commissary, hospital, interpretation, horticulture and docent programs, which requires additional training to handle animals.

The Zoo wants to build its Volunteer program to include 300 members a year from now. The new additions bring that number to 115 people, so more are needed. The Zoo currently accepts volunteers as young as 16 years of age, but starting on January 14, it will be adding a new Youth Volunteer Corps program to include those as young as 14.

More information and online applications are available by visiting the Volunteer pages located under Suiport Us in the website menu above.

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