Presents for the Animals

When you visit the Zoo this holiday season, make sure to keep a watchful eye out for the amazing items and activities provided to our animals as part of the Palm Beach Zoo's year-round enrichment program!

Animals in the wild spend most of their active hours searching for food - or trying to avoid becoming food themselves. Since zoo animals do not have those stresses, the Palm Beach Zoo as well as other AZA-accredited zoos have developed behavioral "enrichment" programs to keep our animals active and stimulated by their environments. Enrichment programs are not just a "good idea," they are required for AZA-accreditation and are proven to help prevent stress, boredom, and increase welfare in zoo animals. Its good animal husbandry and a required part of what our dedicated keepers do each and every day.

Our animals' enrichment items don't last forever, so we always have a need to replace them. Check out our Enrichment Wish List as well as our Wish List if you would like to donate some items for our animals. All Palm Beach Zoo guests dropping off an item outside of the Zoo's main gate on Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 15 & 16 will receive a special gift from their animal friends as well as a discount offer to return to the Zoo the following weekend, Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 22 & 23 to watch as the thrilled gift recipients tear into their presents! Can't make it out to the Zoo that weekend? Don't worry! Animals will be receiving gifts all week long as well! Schedule of planned enrichments for December 22 & 23

Or if you prefer, you may also make a monetary donation for enrichment items. Thank you for your support!

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