Tiger-Friendly Sustainable Palm Oil Valentine’s Day Candy List

Make a Difference for Wild Tigers

Tiger-Friendly Sustainable Palm Oil Valentine’s Day Candy List

This information is a helpful guide for consumers that are concerned about Malayan tiger conservation and deforestation due to non-sustainable palm oil production in Malaysia. The companies listed below are members of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) and are committed to using certified sustainable palm oil. Please support companies that are doing their best to make a difference for wild tigers.


  • ConAgra
    • Fiddle Faddle, Crunch & Munch, Poppy Cock
  • Endangered Species Chocolate
    • All flavors
  • Ghirardelli
    • All flavors
  • Hershey’s
    • Mr. Goodbar, Heath Bars, Milk Duds, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joy, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Whoppers
  • Justin’s
    • Peanut Butter Cups, NutButter (All flavors)
  • Kellogg’s
    • All Keebler Brand Cookies, Famous Amos Cookies, Austin Crackers, Kashi Cookies, Mother’s Cookies,  Rice Krispie Treats, Fruity Snacks, Pop Tarts
  • Kraft Foods
    • Caramels, Cadbury Chocolates, Toblerone
  • Lindt and Spungli
    • Lindor Truffles (All flavors)
  • Mars
    • Milky Way, Skittles, Dove Chocolates, Snickers, Twix, M&M’s, 3 Musketeers
  • Nabisco
    • Nutter Butter, Chips Ahoy, Oreo
  • Nestle
    • Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Crunch Bar
  • PepsiCo
    • Grandma’s Cookies, Quaker Cookies and Bars
  • Pillsbury
    • Fruit snacks, Cookies, All Pillsbury Items
  • Walmart Great Value Brand products
    • Candy, Cookies, Crackers etc.
  • Wonka
    • Nestle Sweetarts, Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Nerds

Note: Any products made by the companies listed above are good choices as they are all members of the RSPO. To find a more complete list please download the Palm Oil Shopping Guide App created by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  

If you do not find your favorite snack/company on this list or in the app, take action by writing a letter and asking the company to join the RSPO. Ask the company to use certified sustainable palm oil with 100% traceability.

Photo credit: Flickr fan Steve Thompson

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