Palm Beach Zoo Brightens Holidays for Ill Children with Animal Visits

Palm Beach Zoo is helping to brighten the holidays for children staying at Quantum House by bringing animals to visit them.

Getting treatment at the hospital for a serious medical condition is not the way a child wants to spend the holidays.  It’s a difficult time - they’re away from their home, their school and for some, their pets.

By bringing animals like a two-toed sloth, giant gecko, and hedgehog, the Palm Beach Zoo hopes to warm the spirits of the children and their families as they celebrate away from home and at the same time create a unique connection to wildlife and the natural world.

On Tuesday, December 18 at 1 p.m., 15 children plus their family members will gather in the Quantum House’s living room to learn about certain creatures and have the opportunity to touch some of them.  They are also welcome to take pictures with the animals in the Quantum House’s garden areas.

It’s all made possible through a new friendship between the Palm Beach Zoo and Quantum House.

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