August Food Truck Safari Sustainability Awards

The Palm Beach Zoo is proud to announce the winner of the August Food Truck Safari Sustainability Award, earning two paws out of a possible four – The Daily Special!

Our inaugural award is based on 21 sustainability criteria specifically designed for food trucks. The criteria measures areas such as food source and history (organic locally farmed options are tops!), presentation (looking for biodegradable and recycled products), power sources (more efficient generators and CFC-free refrigerators) and waste management (recycle everything possible and proper disposal of the remainder).

Look for the paws on your favorite, and if they don’t have any – ask why!

The Daily Special


Our winner with 2 paws out of 4!

Da Burger Shack

Serious effort by a first time attendee!

Best French Fries

Small menu – large effort!


Taco Fresh

PS 561

Parabas Grill

Missed by a whisker!



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