National Wildlife Day Celebrated at the Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo is celebrating “National Wildlife Day” on September 4, 2013, promoting its mission to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat, and to inspire others to value and conserve the national world.

National Wildlife Day aims to bring awareness to the number of endangered animals worldwide that must be rescued from extinction. The day acknowledges zoos and outstanding animal sanctuaries for everything they do to help preserve the planet’s animals and educate the public about conservation.

“National Wildlife Day is a chance to celebrate the many good things happening in the world of conservation,” said Andrew Aiken, President and CEO of the Zoo. “With species extinctions continuing at an alarming rate, zoos have ramped-up the urgency to inspire us all to act on behalf of wildlife.” 

“We work every day to encouraging visitors to take action, through keeper talks and wildlife presentations of all kinds,” Aiken continued. “Initiatives like reducing our carbon footprint, embracing the fresh and local food movement, making purchasing decisions in our everyday lives that foster sustainability, recycling, and conserving water resources all support wildlife conservation.”

National Wildlife Day encourages citizens to be advocates for animals that need a voice, and to visit their local zoo more often.

“If you haven’t been to the Zoo lately, we invite you come and enjoy a day outdoors with wildlife from around the world,” said Aiken. “A visit to the Zoo supports the preservation of species everywhere.”

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