Invasion of the "DinoSoars" - Meet Them Now!

At first thought to be extinct, two “DinoSoars” are searching for their forever home. They have made a temporary stop at the Palm Beach Zoo, and will be on display from August 8th to August 14th. Their mission is to ultimately bring smiles to children.

The two dinosaur replicas, a brachiosaurus and a triceratops, have been on tour throughout Palm Beach County. The brachiosaurus is 18 feet tall and 12 feet long. Both animals weigh several hundred pounds. Their final destination is a brand-new DinoSoar garden in the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

“The Palm Beach Zoo is the perfect place to experience wildlife from around the world, and now guests can learn about two extinct icons of a bygone era,” said Claudia Harden, Marketing Manager for the Palm Beach Zoo. “By tying easy-to-follow conservation messaging into the exhibit’s theming, the DinoSoars display reminds us how important it is to protect wildlife living today.”

The DinoSoar Garden was made possible by a generous donation to the St. Mary’s Auxiliary from Soozi Cameron, in memory of her late husband, Kim Cameron, a former St. Mary’s Medical Center patient. 

“The ‘soar’ concept (in DinoSoar) not only ties with the soaring kite that appears in our logo for the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, but it is also meant to encourage kids in the hospital to set high goals and chase their dreams, no matter how lofty they may seem,” said Davide Carbone, CEO of Palm Beach Children’s Hospital. “We wanted to apply idea of ‘soaring to new heights’ to the DinoSoars, which worked both literally and figuratively.” 

This prehistoric exhibit, millions of years in the making, is on display for one week only at the Palm Beach Zoo. Next, they will play a few rounds of golf over at PGA National. Be sure to check out the “DinoSoars,” before they wander off in search of their Palm Beach Children’s Hospital home, for their big debut in the DinoSoar Garden on August 19th. 

For more information on the DinoSoars exhibition, please visit our event page.

View Video of the DinoSoars Exhibition >>

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